PWR Older Developments Inc. is a family owned real estate and development company located in London, Ontario. The Older family includes Paul Older and his two sons, William and Robert Older. The family is from Brighton, England, and has worked in the real estate and building development business since 1975. 

William James Older

PWR Older Developments Inc. is led by William James Older. William has a degree in Applied Biology with honors from Cardiff University, as well as a Masters degree in Water Engineering and Environmental Management. He has worked as a consultant designing passive houses in London and Kent in England. In addition, William has worked for PJ Palmers, a Brighton property management company. As Managing Director of PWR Older Developments, William combines his expertise in real estate and development with his background in environmental management to implement innovative ideas for a greener and more sustainable community.  

Paul Ewart John Older

Paul Older is the father of William and Robert Older and works as the company's senior business advisor. Paul has been in the real estate business since 1975, with experience in the buying, selling, developement and rental markets. Paul has managed a property portfolio across Europe.

Robert Harry Older 

Robert Older is the brother of William Older and works as a business advisor for the company. Robert has completed his Bachelors degree in Business Administration at the University of Wales. His expertise lies in project management, creative planning and business development. In addition to working as an adviser for PWR Older Developments, Robert works for 90 Seconds, one of the fastest growing and disruptive global video content companies.