PWR Older Developments Inc.

Commitment to sustainability

We recognize that, even though we are a small family owned company, we have a significant influence over, and potential impact upon, the economic, environmental and social well-being of the communities in which we operate. By recognizing, addressing and embracing these issues as a fundamental part of maintaining a sustainable business today, PWR Older Developments is committed to meeting its environmental responsibilities for the sake of future generations.

Recognizing the inherent importance of economic, environmental and social sustainability to our business, we encourage all our stakeholders, from our staff to our suppliers and subcontractors, as well as our customers, to respect these ambitions. We will endeavor to demonstrate to our existing and potential shareholders the value which we place upon sustainable development and the value of maintaining our natural environment.

PWR Older Developments is committed to sustainability as part of its overall vision and core values.

Strategic aims

As a local business, our vision is to be the most highly respected company in Ontario by providing our clients with the highest possible quality of service and through sustainable, profitable growth. PWR Older Developments is committed to addressing sustainability through a responsible approach to environmental issues and supporting local initiatives.

We aim to…

·Reduce, where we have responsibility or can influence the design on a project, any negative environmental      impact of each job through effective waste management, thoughtful choice of materials and careful    consideration of design.
·Increase efficiency and reduce impact by making more mindful use of resources, including labour, materials,  water and energy.
·Support local communities through opportunities for employment, interaction with community groups,  contributing to local charities and voluntary organizations where appropriate.
·Raise awareness of sustainability in our workforce, those of our supply chain, our clients and other project  stakeholders in order to encourage assistance in achieving our goals.
·Work with our suppliers to provide high-quality solutions at affordable cost
·Build relationships with clients to maximize project value, minimize cost and seek out repeat opportunities
·Recognize and manage risk
·Promote sustainability issues as critical elements in reducing whole-life costs.

Our commitment to the Environment

·Care and consideration at each site to minimize pollution and disturbance to our neighbors and the public
·The efficient use of materials and resources with particular regard to the long-term sustainability of  consumable items as well as reclaimed materials, where appropriate.
· Minimizing the need to travel but where travel is unavoidable. Thought is given to find the least  environmentally damaging solutions and highest economy on fuel.
·Protection of flora & fauna and their habitats at each site where we hold responsibility or can influence those  that do
·Regular management reviews of the content and implementation of the environmental policy with the objective  of achieving continuous improvement in performance through the adoption of best practice, training and awareness.
·In order to continually improve our environmental performance annual targets are set to measure key areas,  including energy use, water usage and waste disposal
·The identification and then strict compliance of all relevant legal requirements and those laid out by the local  Councils

We are committed to our environmental policy and improving our sustainability. The policy will be implemented in all that we do via the aims stated in this document. The aims and objectives set out in this policy require full co- operation of our staff, our clients and all those with whom we interact.